About Me

Hello There!

I’m a developer with a passion for work organization and that’s what led me to want a career change and try to open my own business. During my career I was working as well as a freelancer and for companies where I always assumed a leadership role. I have experience programming and also leading teams, not only at work, I used to play soccer and basketball in different clubs where I was the captain, and that meant organizing all the team inside the pitch for a greater good

Throughout my career I have worked on many projects with multiple languages and technologies like Wordpress, PHP, Laravel, Symfony, JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular, Node.JS, Python, Docker, Dart, Flutter, GIT, Blockchain, Solidity and others.

My Resume

  • Work Experience

  • Founder

    jackCode - DECEMBER 2022 - PRESENT

    ● Full creation of Digital Products.

    ● Help companies or clients to develop their own products or features.

    ● Advise customers with the technologies that I consider necessary for each development.

  • Lead Developer

    Horizon Web - DECEMBER 2021 - DECEMBER 2022

    ● Forming part of a skilled team of developers with close relation with the Product Owner and CEOs.

    ● Lead the development, transformation, and delivery of the best possible digital product.

    ● My goal is to plan, define, and implement both product and technical roadmaps and architecture.

  • Full Stack Web Developer

    Horizon Web - NOVEMBER 2020 - DECEMBER 2021

    ● I am responsible for creating new web apps that the owners require.

    ● I deployed the code in production at the end of every task via FTP and SSH.

    ● Mainly I worked alone, weekly I made a sample of what had been done to the managers.

  • Full Stack Developer

    Padelmanager - DECEMBER 2019 - NOVEMBER 2020

    ● I was responsible for supporting the platform that is already in use, both for the web and mobile API.

    ● I was in charge of making the deployments in production at the end of the Sprints.

    ● Together with the team of developers we take care of carrying out the new projects that the product owners request of us.

  • Professor

    Logiscool - OCTOBER 2019 - FEBRUARY 2020

    ● I was teaching a block programming course to a group of children in which the objective was to make web games.

    ● Every week I prepare each class so that the children can go home with the game finished.

  • Education

  • Google Project Management Certificate

    Google - MAY 2021 - JULY 2021
  • Flutter: Take your knowledge to the next level

    Udemy - OCTOBER 2020
  • Flutter: Your complete development guide for iOS and Android

    Udemy - JUNE 2020
  • Angular: From zero to expert

    Udemy - JULY 2019
  • Full Stack Web Developer Course

    Digital House - 2018

My Services

Web Development

Develop your sites with the best techniques and practice.

Web Design

Responsive, beautiful and modern designs for yours web apps.

Web Marketing

I research your brand's market and how to be on top.











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